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Terms Of Use


Here at Book A Brighter Future, we have created this site for you to use. All the information that we have here are for your information so that you would be able to learn all the things that you need to know about business coaching.

When you actually use our website to learn about business coaching, you are automatically accepting all the terms that we have regarding use of our site. We can change the terms and conditions without any notice. Once we post them to the website, these become effective immediately.

The content that we have here at Book A Brighter Future are all ours by copyright. You cannot use them without any written permission from us. You cannot reproduce them in any way. You cannot print or publish them without any written consent from us. You also cannot publish it online without any permission from us.

Any logos that we use here are ours. Unless we use the logos of other companies, those are not included in what we claim as our own.

We do not claim that this website is perfect. There will be defects, bugs, viruses, or any other kind of factor that can be harmful to your computer. We will not be held responsible if there are any kind of damage made to your computer from using our website.

The information that we have here are purely our own. They can work for you or they cannot work for you. We do not claim that it would work for everybody. It is up to your discretion to choose which of information that we offer here would be worth trying.

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